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So it's been 10 years, or so I hear, since Buffy premiered. I actually remember the premiere, when I was a wee little 7th grader. I remember discovering what it truly meant to be a fan. (I have the action figures to prove it). I remember reading TWoP when it was MBTV, with all the endless analysis. I remember Buffy Cross & Stake and obsessively collecting information. I even signed my friends yearbook with just Buffy quotes. In the 8th grade, David Boreanaz being on the cover of Twist or some Buffy novel tie in was cause for much squealing. (I moved pass the DB stage rather quickly, though.) My vocabulary still hasn't recovered from it (Adding a "y" to a word is a perfectly valid way of creating an adjective). Ah, all those fun positive things. But I can't really do justice to all the great things that have already been posted regarding Buffy's 10th anniversary.

What I can do is remind people, graphically, of the crazyness that was the pulsating mass of Buffy's fandom. I actually did a cultural studies paper on Buffy fans and how they're so invested in their pet ships/characters. So in honor of that, I'm posting random images from Deeply Bitter and/or Heavily Invested people that I used for my paper. All in good fun, though, because it's so very funny.

First, THE TWOP BANNER WARS!!!! Ooooh. This was around Season 7 of Buffy. TWoP was trying to raise money by selling ad space. One group of enterprising fans (The kittens?) decided to remind everyone that Tara was dead. There was rainbow text, a rather unflattering picture of Amber Benson in the center, and a phrase that went something like: "They are the Magic." I actually can't find this one, sadly, but I did find the second one they posted, designed in the same vein, minus one dippy picture.

CUT for Banner-y Awesomeness )

And you can't forget the fans who raised thousands of dollars to buy ads in Variety. (According to my paper, at the time it was up to $10,300). It was much like the TWOP banner wars, expensive and pointless, but on a much grander scale. Only it was pretty one sided as the people who might have responded weren't devoted enough to making a thousand dollar joke.

Here, the Ducks teamed up with the B/A Warriors (btw, these names? Ducks? WtH?):


What I would have loved to have seen is the reactions of the hapless Variety readers who knew very little about BtVS, coming upon all these weighted and melodramatic ramblings.

So Cheers Buffy, to what has been a long and fruitful 10 years.
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>Hi. This is the qmail-send program at yahoo.com.
>I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
>This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

I love how apologetic the automated yahoo email program is. I really feel that's he's sorry. Also that he may be this close to committing suicide.

Also, my cell phone has this feature where when you're entering text, it'll give you a "complete the word/suggestion" after the first few letters. Helpful sometimes.  Except when I was trying to enter "Omg!" and its completed suggestion was: "omg11111111111." O.o.

My phone was trying to outfangirl me. Disturbing.


Right now I'm in job-hunting mode, which is somewhat different than my earlier state of media consuming mode (i.e. anything involving tv/DVDs/internet/games/music/books. Basically nothing in the real world.). My parents were quite unimpressed with that role and have taken to poking me with sticks to get me to find a job. Seriously, not having major responsibilities is really nice after 4 years of college and a part time job. Mix in some healthy indecision over what to do with an English degree and you have a recipe for good clean unmotivated fun. Right now, I'm applying for something that has so far progressed. ::crosses finger::

However, apparently I'm always employed as housekeeper/cook/babysitter here.

It's really no big deal, except for the fact that my nephew lives here two days out of the week. He's tiny, curious, and prone to stealing any piece of technology. He's a lot like my dog, except better able to vocalize. Sometimes I'll call my nephew Snoopy (my dog's name) and vice versa. We all do it, particularly because when you hear the rustling sound of something being gotten into, you know its one of them. You just can't see who.

He's a strange little kid. His first word was vacuum (or vavoom). He dances to any kind of music (since he was 1). He's taken to be cute lately, but I'm suspicious. The last time I was overcome, he decided to sneeze in my face.

Though he's pretty cool for a 19 month old. He has a mohawk and listens/dances to rap. He even had his first kiss with another girl.

I do fear for him growing up though. His name is Jaidin, which, ignoring the random spelling, means he'll have Britney Spears and David Boreanaz's child sharing his name. Scary.


Nov. 20th, 2006 10:59 pm
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In light of my recent birthday, I decided to explore cakes, in all their forms. Actually, not so much all, more like the form they take when you get poor college students with too much free time, less than adequate baking supplies, and lots of creativity. And love. Can't forget love.


1. Cake mix
2. Can of frosting
3. Magic

First, there is the mountain cake:

mountain cake

I invoke this name with a sense of awe, because nothing can equal the magnitude, the daring, the sheer sugary splendor of the mountain cake. Lessons were learned that day.

1) Cake resists mountainous forms. Its spirit cannot be molded in that way. Yet I prevailed, and Mount Cake was born.
2) Geology is messy
3) If you're going to use canned frosting as a paste, don't. Unless frosting covered with cake is your idea of a good time.

Basically, this is what happens when you throw a cake mix sale and bored college students together. After initial slices, we decided the cake stayed better as a mountain. Eventually, after extensive collapse, it gave in to its mountainness and became one with the ground, i.e. the trashcan.

Second, there's my Dad's recent birthday cake.

This is where I discovered after making the batter that we only had one round cake pan. Woe is me. So I improvised, considered what Sandra Lee would do, and used a bundt cake pan. Ignoring how a round and a bundt would go together, I forged on. And thus, this cake was borne. I may have seen fear in my parents eyes that day.

(In defense of me, I swear I can make nice cakes. Ones involving flowers and cake tips. I just occasionally give in to the dark side of cooking. Sandra Lee style).

Cake number 3,
See here )
wasn't so much by me, as for me. My own special birthday cake, made by [profile] beauty_that. She invited every color of the rainbow over to our party. Hurrah.

There you go... Cake in all its glory.
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So all of London passed by very quickly, as I am now in Dublin, Ireland. Have lots to update about, but I never have the time to sit down on the internet and do so. Someday, maybe...

Dublin is very entertaining and walkable. Though I'm really disturbed by the freaky thin bunny statues that are in the city center. Why? Lots to see. Went to pubs last night. Lots of drunk irish guys. Got nearly accosted by two (not in violent way, just in a "I'm drunk so let me try to become touchy with the nearest female" which isn't necessarily fun either. I had to use smaller people as protection as nothing seemed to happen to them). We were guided around by two very high italian people, who promised musical pubs and dancing pubs, but didn't really provide either. Still pretty fun, seeing the drunken nightlife.

The hostel we're at is very awesome. Called The Avalon House. Very nicely located downtown, great atmosphere, free internet, tv/laundry and all the fun practical stuff. I hope Edinburgh's hostel is just as entertaining.

Now Dublin in passing by very quickly too as tonight is our last night here.

More to update, sometime I'm sure.

Next on the Itinerary: Edinburgh. Then Bath. Then HOME! possibly. Maybe I'll just disappear into London forever and ever (or until my money runs out, which actually coincides with how long I'll really be there.) Stupid awesome expensive city.
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So our Pub Crawl was very crawl-y. Basically it was an excuse for the class to get together, visit historical pubs, and get drunk. Some people were successful. The fratboy radar of somehow safely stumbling home rings true, even when in a foreign city. It's like magic.

Things I've learned:
    -Beer/Ale = meh
    -Westminster Abbey is gorgeous
    -If you're gonna have sex in a bar's bathroom, try being a little less obvious. Like maybe waiting longer than 10 seconds before following your partner in. And not staying with said partner in there for over half an hour. (Though everyone outside the bathroom was very impressed at the implied stamina. And lighting a cigarette afterwords, well they should have just bowed as they left bathroom together.)
Also, I've received my first proposal of marriage. It was outside the local tube station. The guy was all like, 'Excuse me, what time is it' I responded that it was near midnight, then he asked, 'Will you marry me?' Of course, I was flattered, but unfortunately, my dad would like me to learn a guy's name before I say yes, so it wasn't meant to be.

I actually responded that I was taken (to cut the conversation short, as I had to get home) which after asking me my sign (which, call me an old fashioned gal, should happen before the proposal) he ended telling me, 'He's a very lucky man' which changed to 'She's a very lucky woman' when he saw my roommate coming out of the station. Aw, at least he was progressive.

Next destinations on the agenda:


Jul. 25th, 2006 06:39 pm
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And now I'm in London. I'll be here until Aug 24th and then traveling until Sept 5th. Sadly, I don't have a regular internet connection (no internet cafes in my neighborhood, which sucks) and so my ability to update/contact people will be limited at best.

For some reason, I guess I expected the sky to be different. I guess my mental picture makes it out to be grayer. It's so amazing, though, walking around. You'll find yourself in somewhere modern with huge steel and glass buildings, then in a few steps, you've gone back to Shakespeare's london with those wooden framed building. A few more steps takes you into Victorian London but then suddenly you're somewhere near an old retired church where monks were hanged for supporting Catholicism in the face of Henry VIII's division. And then in the distance, when you're expecting horses and carriages, you see something like the Gherkin and you remember age is nothing here.

My homestay family is awesome. They're laid back (though not the most laid back homestay as that prize goes to the old pot smoking hippie couple). Their house is this amazing old victorian style place that's surprisingly huge (5 bedrooms). Both me and my roommate each have our own rooms. And my bed is so soft. It feels like a down pillow in mattress form. There are probably actual geese inside.

Everyone's so British, it's great. The guy who teaches the art/architecture class walks us around London and calls any building upgrades, 'tarting' it up and complains about 'that old woman' (Margaret Thatcher) and her effect on the London architecture/buildings.

And now my meter is running out so I have to cut this short. Cheers.
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I now officially back at home, having graduated (sort of) and moved out of my first apartment and back home. I'm now for all intents and purposes out in the real world. Which means I have nothing to protect me from all the "so what are you going to do now?" except my awsome abilitiy to avoid!

I have full faith in my powers though. I've been enjoying my time of having nothing to do. Which is partly a lie because although I'm enjoying my time, I have plenty to do. I'm actually going to London in two days as part of a  month long study abroad school program (this is what's keeping me from having officially graduated) and so there's all this prework, like reading for the lit class, packing, researching etc...

However, instead of all that, I've accomplished many things since leaving school:

  • I've beaten both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I & II.
  • I've gone to the theater more than once (TWICE!) which has doubled what I've done in the past year.
  • I rewatched the entire series of Angel, Scrubs, Veronica Mars, and am in the process of working on Buffy.
  • I went barhopping for the first time ever. (Okay, more like went along with people barhopping. And really there were only two bars. So really just a hop.)
  • I've rediscovered shopping, which explains why I now own two more pink skirts and 3 new pairs of shoes. That was actually out of one trip. (Damn you [profile] addictedkitten.)
  • I now own a Louis Vuitton purse.
  • I've gone to a bisexual picnic.
  • I've learned how entertaining Project Runway really is. (OMG, Vincente is insane. Angela is a bitch. Keith is creepy and Kayne is so gay.)
And now I can soon cross Visit England off of my "To do" list which just leaves Marrying Christian Slater and Dying.
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Weee, exciting: Random things:

First, so I'm going to London this Summer as a last (and first) study abroad harrah before graduating into the real world. Will be very fun, I'm sure, though a bit hectic. I'm staying with a homestay family. That should be interesting. Random british people. We were warned about odd things, culturewise. Like how we americans have odd bathing habits, with our whole needing to bath every day. And that not everyone owns dryers and how power is really expensive. We'll see how that goes. Though the apparently not being as electronically wired may drive me crazy. ::clutches Internet::

Anyway, I do have to mention the name of one girl in our program. Her last name is England, which is random enough of a coincedence/funny thing, except for the fact that her parents are awesome/evil and have given her the first name of...::drumroll:: <b>London</b>. So her name is actually London England. This should be entertaining, especially going through immigration/customs. They'll be all like:

"London England."
"No, not where you're going/coming from, Name:"
"London England."

She'll probably never want to go back there again after the millions of coversations she'll have about this. It'll be like living the whole "Who's on first" routine...

The other people in my group are pretty entertaining. There are some geeky Harry Potter fans who want to visit all these random HP related spots. Not that I would participate or anything... ::ahem::

Other randomness:

Something I'm really exciting about: For my Adaptations class (which we focused on Adaptations like Star wars, frankenstein, ghost world, Hamlet, and all the theory that goes with adaptations) we get to do a final project of our choice. It's supposed to be web based, theory incorporating, and either Creative or Critical but the topic itself is up to us. I'm very tempted (and very likely) to do something within the Whedonverse, which is awesome because I usually never get to do schoolwork on stuff like this.

It has to be something adaptation related (in that there's a source text that has be transferred into other forms/genres/types) but Joss' shows all fit. Buffy the TV show is an adaptation of the movie, and then with that there are 3.8 million extensions (comics, games, books, etc...) Angel is a little tetchier, but it's still adapting the Buffyverse into a new concept and has its own adaptations. And then Firefly is a tv show/movie/comic book.

I'm really excited now, though I have all these ideas. I'm leaning towards Buffy. I could do a critical analysis of the show's adaptation from movie to TV. Or I could do a creative project. I'd have to pick an argument/point, but I could do something about youth narrative/fragmentation a la Patchwork Girl (a hypertext novel based on Frankenstein and other things wherein form and narrative are very much fragmented) wherein I'd restructure various aspects of Buffy (clips, sound, quotes, text, images, interviews) into some kind of patiche of craziness. But craziness with a point. or not. I haven't decided, but it's up there. Will have to research this.
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Dammit, why can't I get hit on by cute college aged guys?  Why does it always have to be skeevy random people off the street?

I was walking down a local avenue and out of the corner of my eye, I see this car pass by with someone staring at me and then a honk. I think, Hey, maybe that was someone I knew. Oh well. Then the car pulled off to the side of the road (though not very close to me) and honked again.

I stood there for a moment, thinking, what the hell? No one else was around, the car was still running, as if expecting me to run over. I tenatively approached it, thinking it must have been someone I knew. As I got closer, I see it's this older guy with his head turned back staring at me, smiling (in kind of a "hey baby" way) and waving at me to come over.  And I'm just thinking "I have no idea who the hell you are and so I will be walking away." He then honked again until he realized I was not going back, and left.

What the hell? And this isn't the first time something like this has happened... This is actually like the 4th memorable time (3rd in the past few months) that some slightly skeevy guy has gone out of his way to hit on me in some random manner.

#3 - This wasn't that weird. Just skeevy. Happened while I was waiting for the bus.  He kept making small talk, asking questions. I tried not to engage him, but my headphones were obscured and the book I was actively reading not obvious enough. I was perfectly polite, giving short noncommital answers, until he was like "Would you like to go out to dinner?" I replied, "Man, this bus needs to hurry up" (because I actually didn't hear him...) and he asked again. I thus responded: "uh, sorry.." (Quite the wordsmith, am I) then drifted subtley away... He was probably about 30 years older than me, and he knew I was in college, so I was a little creeped out.

#2 At an interesection, a guy (with a green light) stopped, rolled down his window, and said in what sounded like the most stereotypically "gay" voice ever, "Oh my god, you are so beautiful. Can I give you my number?" I was flattered, but I also didn't know what to say.

#1 - I think I posted about this long ago, but let's just say this guy followed me for about 5 blocks (even waited as I walked into a store trying to lose him) trying to give me his number, all the while ignoring my direct "sorry, not interested" remarks, and saying that I shouldn't call the police or anything like that. He actually stayed with me until my bus came, which was not a fun 5 minutes.

Man, I don't get hit on a lot, but when I do, it's always in some really random fashion. And I'm always really creeped out by the manner in which it occurs. I really don't get it though. Is stopping random women on the side of the road really conducive to getting her number? Do girls find it flattering and worth pursuing?
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Dude, if people keep asking me what I'll be doing after graduation, I'm just going to start making things up: "I've can't decided between ritualistic suicide or a life of crime... Though devoting my life to Scientology is also very tempting..."

So yes, I am graduating. I will have my BA in English, from the University of Washington. I'm walking in June, though technically, my graduation date is in August. I extended it because I'm participating in a Summer in London study abroad program.

But after that point, I admit, I have no idea what I'm going to be doing. Or where I'll be living. It's all crazy-like. I think this is why many people choose to go to grad school.

But for now, I'm choosing the world of denial. One that's very small and not very stable, but Firefly will keep me company.

So, in other news, Wax Sarah Michelle Gellar, from Madame Toussaud's, taken during my Las Vegas trip:

I'm tempted to post the one of my mom standing next to her. Only because it highlights how tiny Sarah Michelle Gellar is. (My mom is of the short asian variety.)

Other fun sights at Madame Tussaud's: Marry George Clooney. They provide you with the wax vicar, wax clooney, and wedding dress. Lack of shame and camera not included, <g>.  Also, if you touch wax J.lo's ass, her cheeks will light up. (Not those ones, dirty minded people. She actually blushes...)
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It's almost finals week. And I'm really light-headed, vaguely attempting to write a paper that's due tomorrow. I hate colds that fog up your brain.


This paper is so not happening. Late paper it will be...

I'm not sure why I'm updating right now, as the things I want to talk about aren't in my head at the moment. I guess I'll have to do that later.

But yeah, despite what my calendar implies, I'm still alive.

Update later.
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My writing link teacher is so pointless. Actually the class is pointless, but that's besides the point (my comment, not the class as the class exists nowhere near one at all). My teacher just happens to be so much worse that he transcends the suckiness and exists on his own level.

It's rather entertaining how many people in my class don't like this guy... It's not that he's mean, he's just ineffective. I feel sort of sorry for him, but then that's tempered by the fact that his class is such a waste of time. He has degrees in both english and something like mechanical engineering, and it shows. The mechanical engineering part anyway. Everything is so technical. Make three observations. Make a deduction. Obs. 1 should be supported by deduction 1. I'm surprised he doesn't just assign us the five paragraph essay.

And when you go to his office hours for help, he won't actually help you. He'll either be so vague that you'll come out more confused than when you came in, or he'll say you need something specific but won't tell you what. Or will just begin a whole new tangent that ultimately doesn't help you at all. ("I'm having trouble formulating a thesis." "Really? Make a diagram of all the relationships between muses and audiences and rhapsode. Do you have any brothers and sisters? [then proceeds to make a diagram of your family]") And in all that, you get the impression that the paper has to be written as he would write it. And from what I've seen of the first paper, to get a good grade you basically have to keep turning in drafts to him so that he can guide it.

One of the things I find most memorable is his lecturing style. It's actually rather entertaining. I would dub it, ANALOGIES!

Seriously, here's stuff I copied from just one class period, most from one point before I got bored:

-Entering a landscape into a portrait contest and saying it's a portrait of Mother Nature.
-Having all these car/engine parts and only building a box with wheels and steering.
-Kids who trade arroheads for pennies
-Discovering stuff at an archeological find and selling it at a junkyard.

His point? The thesis and evidence should support each other. Or good evidence, weak thesis.

After that, his analogies lost any coherency:

-Calling home for Thanksgiving and driving a long way (wtf? still no idea of the point)
-Warm up band being the spotlight of a concert. Specically, "It's like Britney Spears performing at a Madonna concert."
-Being at a hotel and complaining that you don't like the room but not telling what it is you don't like.
-Stock markets
-Getting a job that may or may not be in demand.

I think it deserves its own drinking game. I guarantee it will get anyone plastered by the end.

The English 197 drinking game

Take 1 drink:

-Everytime he makes an analogy.
-Everytime he asks a question of the class that you know will lead into an analogy. (Actual Q's: Who here has jaywalked? Do you have any brothers or sisters?)
-Everytime he starts a sentance with "It's like..."
-For every detail you didn't need of that analogy (ex: "You're waiting on the corner, feeling silly when no cars are coming...")
-Everytime he discusses the analogy ad nauseum. (Wait, a landscape at a portrait contest!? Inconceivable!)
-Everytime you have absolutely no point what the analogy has to do with the topic at hand.
-Everytime you know exactly what the analogy has to do with the topic, only because it's the second/third/fourth analogy he used to explain the point.
-Everytime his analogy is so very specific as to not really be relatable to anyone but him. ("Let's say you had to build a car...")
-Everytime the analogy leads to him writing it on the board directly.
-Everytime the analogy leads to him drawing a diagram.

There's probably a lot more, but now I have to go to my actual interesting class of the quarter: Volcanoes! Seriously. We're watching discovery or nationaly geographics disaster movie titld, "Supervolcano." It's pretty awesome. (I'm such a sucker for disaster movies.)


Nov. 8th, 2005 12:33 am
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Aw, peer pressure is alive and well. :-D

Turning 21 tomorrow (technically today, the 8th of Nov). Even my friends formerly of the SAFE (Substance and alcohol free environment) house are all like, so drinking? And most (or maybe all) of it comes from those who aren't even 21 yet. Yeah, we'll see what actually happens. Though even when we're trying to be all cool (or at least conventional) we're still geeks about it, as a Gilmore Girl drinking game was suggested.

Now to skip class and not do any work. Yay.


Aug. 28th, 2005 10:48 pm
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 Owwww... Okay,  now I remember why I don't fall a lot. It fricken hurts. I decided to meet the ground last night. It was a very painful meeting, though my hands took the brunt of it. Now my right hand is out of the question. Thankfully nothing's broken. I just bruised/sprained my knuckle area, which I discovered is quite vital to the entire hand, as now I can't grasp anything, or move fingers much side to side. (I'm typing one handed now). I got a splint put on it, so I can't really move anything at all. This is gonna make work so much fun as I can't carry much, make drinks, cashier, serve food, stock, take things out of the oven... Heh, I think I'll just order people around.

Anyway, update of random things.

First of all, I am officially an aunt. My brother's child was just born (a month early). His name is Jaden, which is very distracting as that's the name of David Boreanaz's child. That was actually my first thought upon hearing the name and the context of which I continue to think about the kid.

It's also very weird as it's hard to imagine my older brothers breeding (they're 24). He's now buying a house with his girlfriend. It's like they've matured or something. Aw, my older brothers have grown up.

In other news, I've arrived back from NYC (okay, it's been a while, but then I haven't updated in a while either.) Very entertaining. I met [livejournal.com profile] glendaglamazon, walked around NYC, watched a ton of Nsync footage (I refuse to say how many discs we saw). Can't say much else more than [livejournal.com profile] addictedkitten did, except to confirm that Lance is a cool motherfucker and JC is a freak. After which, I visited Kass in Battleground, Wa and baffled her mightily with talk of crazy boybands. But I'm better now (or so I tell myself).

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For anybody interested:

DeepDiscountDVD is having an awesome sale. Already on top of their pretty good DVD prices which for TV series seems to range about 20-25% straight off, there's an additional 20% thing going on for all in stock DVDs. Just type the promotional code: SUPERSALE during checkout. It's on until 6/25/05. They have free shipping so it's a pretty good deal. I've ordered a couple of the Buffy DVDs from them before and haven't had any problems.

Example of the savings: $284 worth of TV shows that happen to be in my cart right now, turns into $154. Neat, huh? Now I just need to convince myself not to order hundreds of dollars worth of TV shows... (How badly do I need the entire Angel run?)

Gr, arg.

May. 16th, 2005 05:22 pm
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Save me from stupid roommates. Left on my roommate's chair:



Her and her boyfriend used to watch my TV all the time. It wasn't even that big of a deal, except that they had never asked. I never confronted the issue partly because I didn't want to deal with roommate issues and partly because I had always been fine with my roommates using my TV. What annoyed me was the fact that she never asked permission, but whatever. And things would have been fine, except now she's making a huge deal about people sitting in her chair.

First she had asked me if someone had used her chair and then declared that she didn't like people sitting in her chair. I was like, okay. That was it for a while. I guess since then, she's been keeping track of the position of her chair. I admit, sometimes I'll walk by and bump into it. Or I'll shift it to get into my cabinet. This I guess proved conclusively to her that all manner of sordiness had been using her chair. So now junk has appeared on the chair.

At first, I was just really amused. It struck me as so stupid and silly that she's so attached to the idea that no one gets to sit in her chair that she will leave a crumpled paper bag, an old newspaper, and a nearly empty roll of toilet paper (O.o which she collects from the bathroom) on it to foil me and my dastardly plan of allowing guests a place to sit. That means, everytime she wants to use her desk, she has to put the stuff aside, and then set it up again so she remembers how it has been arranged.

Seriously, it's a metal and plastic chair entrusted to us by the Haggett dorms. Hundreds of people have sat in it before she moved in. People have probably done things no one would ever dream of with/to the chairs. There is nothing special, distinct, or personal about that chair.

I respect that she doesn't want people sitting in it, even if I don't understand it at all. But the hypocrisy of it, making a huge deal about a chair that no one used since she told me her wishes, (One person touched the toilet paper until I told her that my roommate didn't want people sitting in her chair. She ended up sitting on the floor).

Now I'm just expending rants... )

My friends have suggested stealing her chair. Or stealing everything of hers except her chair. I'm so tempted...
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Some sharp eyed people on the browncoats forum noticed that Fandango already has the Seattle showing up for sale. (I'm so glad I checked the *actual* forums and not the Can'tStoptheSignal.com page. Otherwise, I would have missed it.

I bought three tickets again, but this time, I'm not sure who I'm bringing with me. I guess I'll be surprised. (Though if any of the few nearSeattle people on my friendslist are interested...)
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I really really should be working on HW. But I keep getting distracted. Damn you Joss and your sexy sexy postings. For those who aren't registerred with the Browncoat forums, he posted to announce there will be another round of showings on May 26th. This time in 20 cities. And it's possible that the original 10 will be included.

What does this mean? Absolutely I plan on going again Nothing.
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Okay, I'm back.

Ack, brain hurty. Need sleep. Serenity showing! ADAM BALDWIN! I shook his hand twice. He signed autographs. My friend (Kass) had her Archeology book with her, so she had him sign that. He was like, "Uh.. will your teacher be okay with this?" And then signed it, "To Kass: Stay in School!"

During the waiting in line part, they had a guy taping stuff (for what I assume are for DVDs). He kept doing these low sweeps (with the camera close to the ground). With the way I was sitting up, I think he panned my butt. Hm.. We're going to hope they cut any clips down a lot (which they probably will). There were lots of geeks waiting. A few costumes, a lot of them were good. SO many geeks. The guy in front of me in the theater was talking about making LJ phone posts. One guy beside me wrote for RPG books/manuals. There was one random guy offering to pay 150 for someone's ticket.

Man, if only I could have gone to all the showings. Joss went! Nathan Fillion! Adam Baldwin was really nice. Though he kept reminding me of Hamilton.

I won't go into details about the actual movie, but let me just quote this from Joss' introduction to the movie: (paraphrased) "We couldn't have done this without you. But that means, if it sucks, it's all because of you."

But it didn't suck. It was awesome.

And now I'm going to sleep.
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Eeee! Firefly! Trailer! I just got two other people into to the show. I'm trying to organize a pilot showing in Rick's Cafe sometime to get even more. Ah, the power of Firefly....

Also, advanced screening anyone? !!! Only 10 cities, and thankfully Seattle is one of them. I hear some of the cities are already sold out.
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