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I now officially back at home, having graduated (sort of) and moved out of my first apartment and back home. I'm now for all intents and purposes out in the real world. Which means I have nothing to protect me from all the "so what are you going to do now?" except my awsome abilitiy to avoid!

I have full faith in my powers though. I've been enjoying my time of having nothing to do. Which is partly a lie because although I'm enjoying my time, I have plenty to do. I'm actually going to London in two days as part of a  month long study abroad school program (this is what's keeping me from having officially graduated) and so there's all this prework, like reading for the lit class, packing, researching etc...

However, instead of all that, I've accomplished many things since leaving school:

  • I've beaten both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I & II.
  • I've gone to the theater more than once (TWICE!) which has doubled what I've done in the past year.
  • I rewatched the entire series of Angel, Scrubs, Veronica Mars, and am in the process of working on Buffy.
  • I went barhopping for the first time ever. (Okay, more like went along with people barhopping. And really there were only two bars. So really just a hop.)
  • I've rediscovered shopping, which explains why I now own two more pink skirts and 3 new pairs of shoes. That was actually out of one trip. (Damn you [profile] addictedkitten.)
  • I now own a Louis Vuitton purse.
  • I've gone to a bisexual picnic.
  • I've learned how entertaining Project Runway really is. (OMG, Vincente is insane. Angela is a bitch. Keith is creepy and Kayne is so gay.)
And now I can soon cross Visit England off of my "To do" list which just leaves Marrying Christian Slater and Dying.
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