May. 16th, 2005

Gr, arg.

May. 16th, 2005 05:22 pm
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Save me from stupid roommates. Left on my roommate's chair:



Her and her boyfriend used to watch my TV all the time. It wasn't even that big of a deal, except that they had never asked. I never confronted the issue partly because I didn't want to deal with roommate issues and partly because I had always been fine with my roommates using my TV. What annoyed me was the fact that she never asked permission, but whatever. And things would have been fine, except now she's making a huge deal about people sitting in her chair.

First she had asked me if someone had used her chair and then declared that she didn't like people sitting in her chair. I was like, okay. That was it for a while. I guess since then, she's been keeping track of the position of her chair. I admit, sometimes I'll walk by and bump into it. Or I'll shift it to get into my cabinet. This I guess proved conclusively to her that all manner of sordiness had been using her chair. So now junk has appeared on the chair.

At first, I was just really amused. It struck me as so stupid and silly that she's so attached to the idea that no one gets to sit in her chair that she will leave a crumpled paper bag, an old newspaper, and a nearly empty roll of toilet paper (O.o which she collects from the bathroom) on it to foil me and my dastardly plan of allowing guests a place to sit. That means, everytime she wants to use her desk, she has to put the stuff aside, and then set it up again so she remembers how it has been arranged.

Seriously, it's a metal and plastic chair entrusted to us by the Haggett dorms. Hundreds of people have sat in it before she moved in. People have probably done things no one would ever dream of with/to the chairs. There is nothing special, distinct, or personal about that chair.

I respect that she doesn't want people sitting in it, even if I don't understand it at all. But the hypocrisy of it, making a huge deal about a chair that no one used since she told me her wishes, (One person touched the toilet paper until I told her that my roommate didn't want people sitting in her chair. She ended up sitting on the floor).

Now I'm just expending rants... )

My friends have suggested stealing her chair. Or stealing everything of hers except her chair. I'm so tempted...


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