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>Hi. This is the qmail-send program at yahoo.com.
>I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
>This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

I love how apologetic the automated yahoo email program is. I really feel that's he's sorry. Also that he may be this close to committing suicide.

Also, my cell phone has this feature where when you're entering text, it'll give you a "complete the word/suggestion" after the first few letters. Helpful sometimes.  Except when I was trying to enter "Omg!" and its completed suggestion was: "omg11111111111." O.o.

My phone was trying to outfangirl me. Disturbing.


Right now I'm in job-hunting mode, which is somewhat different than my earlier state of media consuming mode (i.e. anything involving tv/DVDs/internet/games/music/books. Basically nothing in the real world.). My parents were quite unimpressed with that role and have taken to poking me with sticks to get me to find a job. Seriously, not having major responsibilities is really nice after 4 years of college and a part time job. Mix in some healthy indecision over what to do with an English degree and you have a recipe for good clean unmotivated fun. Right now, I'm applying for something that has so far progressed. ::crosses finger::

However, apparently I'm always employed as housekeeper/cook/babysitter here.

It's really no big deal, except for the fact that my nephew lives here two days out of the week. He's tiny, curious, and prone to stealing any piece of technology. He's a lot like my dog, except better able to vocalize. Sometimes I'll call my nephew Snoopy (my dog's name) and vice versa. We all do it, particularly because when you hear the rustling sound of something being gotten into, you know its one of them. You just can't see who.

He's a strange little kid. His first word was vacuum (or vavoom). He dances to any kind of music (since he was 1). He's taken to be cute lately, but I'm suspicious. The last time I was overcome, he decided to sneeze in my face.

Though he's pretty cool for a 19 month old. He has a mohawk and listens/dances to rap. He even had his first kiss with another girl.

I do fear for him growing up though. His name is Jaidin, which, ignoring the random spelling, means he'll have Britney Spears and David Boreanaz's child sharing his name. Scary.


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