Jul. 25th, 2006 06:39 pm
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And now I'm in London. I'll be here until Aug 24th and then traveling until Sept 5th. Sadly, I don't have a regular internet connection (no internet cafes in my neighborhood, which sucks) and so my ability to update/contact people will be limited at best.

For some reason, I guess I expected the sky to be different. I guess my mental picture makes it out to be grayer. It's so amazing, though, walking around. You'll find yourself in somewhere modern with huge steel and glass buildings, then in a few steps, you've gone back to Shakespeare's london with those wooden framed building. A few more steps takes you into Victorian London but then suddenly you're somewhere near an old retired church where monks were hanged for supporting Catholicism in the face of Henry VIII's division. And then in the distance, when you're expecting horses and carriages, you see something like the Gherkin and you remember age is nothing here.

My homestay family is awesome. They're laid back (though not the most laid back homestay as that prize goes to the old pot smoking hippie couple). Their house is this amazing old victorian style place that's surprisingly huge (5 bedrooms). Both me and my roommate each have our own rooms. And my bed is so soft. It feels like a down pillow in mattress form. There are probably actual geese inside.

Everyone's so British, it's great. The guy who teaches the art/architecture class walks us around London and calls any building upgrades, 'tarting' it up and complains about 'that old woman' (Margaret Thatcher) and her effect on the London architecture/buildings.

And now my meter is running out so I have to cut this short. Cheers.
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