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Weee, exciting: Random things:

First, so I'm going to London this Summer as a last (and first) study abroad harrah before graduating into the real world. Will be very fun, I'm sure, though a bit hectic. I'm staying with a homestay family. That should be interesting. Random british people. We were warned about odd things, culturewise. Like how we americans have odd bathing habits, with our whole needing to bath every day. And that not everyone owns dryers and how power is really expensive. We'll see how that goes. Though the apparently not being as electronically wired may drive me crazy. ::clutches Internet::

Anyway, I do have to mention the name of one girl in our program. Her last name is England, which is random enough of a coincedence/funny thing, except for the fact that her parents are awesome/evil and have given her the first name of...::drumroll:: <b>London</b>. So her name is actually London England. This should be entertaining, especially going through immigration/customs. They'll be all like:

"London England."
"No, not where you're going/coming from, Name:"
"London England."

She'll probably never want to go back there again after the millions of coversations she'll have about this. It'll be like living the whole "Who's on first" routine...

The other people in my group are pretty entertaining. There are some geeky Harry Potter fans who want to visit all these random HP related spots. Not that I would participate or anything... ::ahem::

Other randomness:

Something I'm really exciting about: For my Adaptations class (which we focused on Adaptations like Star wars, frankenstein, ghost world, Hamlet, and all the theory that goes with adaptations) we get to do a final project of our choice. It's supposed to be web based, theory incorporating, and either Creative or Critical but the topic itself is up to us. I'm very tempted (and very likely) to do something within the Whedonverse, which is awesome because I usually never get to do schoolwork on stuff like this.

It has to be something adaptation related (in that there's a source text that has be transferred into other forms/genres/types) but Joss' shows all fit. Buffy the TV show is an adaptation of the movie, and then with that there are 3.8 million extensions (comics, games, books, etc...) Angel is a little tetchier, but it's still adapting the Buffyverse into a new concept and has its own adaptations. And then Firefly is a tv show/movie/comic book.

I'm really excited now, though I have all these ideas. I'm leaning towards Buffy. I could do a critical analysis of the show's adaptation from movie to TV. Or I could do a creative project. I'd have to pick an argument/point, but I could do something about youth narrative/fragmentation a la Patchwork Girl (a hypertext novel based on Frankenstein and other things wherein form and narrative are very much fragmented) wherein I'd restructure various aspects of Buffy (clips, sound, quotes, text, images, interviews) into some kind of patiche of craziness. But craziness with a point. or not. I haven't decided, but it's up there. Will have to research this.

Date: 2006-05-24 03:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cyclogenesis.livejournal.com

I don't know why London's even in school, why doesn't she just join a rock band and give into her fate?

Date: 2006-05-28 10:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kieubert.livejournal.com
do you know who you'll be staying with yet?

studying in london is the best time you'll have. it's so much fun here.

Date: 2006-05-30 10:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] celestialfray.livejournal.com
Yep. Just got our homestay assignments not too long ago. I'll be staying with a Mr and Mrs Wing. Who live somewhere in N11 3JA). You guys also stay with a homestay family don't you? How's that going for you?

Date: 2006-05-30 04:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kieubert.livejournal.com
i can't say i know who they are. i stay with the olivers, who are amazing.

i only know how nice families are by the way our classmates gush about them. most of us are pretty happy with hour hostfamilies.


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