Nov. 20th, 2006 10:59 pm
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In light of my recent birthday, I decided to explore cakes, in all their forms. Actually, not so much all, more like the form they take when you get poor college students with too much free time, less than adequate baking supplies, and lots of creativity. And love. Can't forget love.


1. Cake mix
2. Can of frosting
3. Magic

First, there is the mountain cake:

mountain cake

I invoke this name with a sense of awe, because nothing can equal the magnitude, the daring, the sheer sugary splendor of the mountain cake. Lessons were learned that day.

1) Cake resists mountainous forms. Its spirit cannot be molded in that way. Yet I prevailed, and Mount Cake was born.
2) Geology is messy
3) If you're going to use canned frosting as a paste, don't. Unless frosting covered with cake is your idea of a good time.

Basically, this is what happens when you throw a cake mix sale and bored college students together. After initial slices, we decided the cake stayed better as a mountain. Eventually, after extensive collapse, it gave in to its mountainness and became one with the ground, i.e. the trashcan.

Second, there's my Dad's recent birthday cake.

This is where I discovered after making the batter that we only had one round cake pan. Woe is me. So I improvised, considered what Sandra Lee would do, and used a bundt cake pan. Ignoring how a round and a bundt would go together, I forged on. And thus, this cake was borne. I may have seen fear in my parents eyes that day.

(In defense of me, I swear I can make nice cakes. Ones involving flowers and cake tips. I just occasionally give in to the dark side of cooking. Sandra Lee style).

Cake number 3,
See here )
wasn't so much by me, as for me. My own special birthday cake, made by [profile] beauty_that. She invited every color of the rainbow over to our party. Hurrah.

There you go... Cake in all its glory.


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