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Dude, if people keep asking me what I'll be doing after graduation, I'm just going to start making things up: "I've can't decided between ritualistic suicide or a life of crime... Though devoting my life to Scientology is also very tempting..."

So yes, I am graduating. I will have my BA in English, from the University of Washington. I'm walking in June, though technically, my graduation date is in August. I extended it because I'm participating in a Summer in London study abroad program.

But after that point, I admit, I have no idea what I'm going to be doing. Or where I'll be living. It's all crazy-like. I think this is why many people choose to go to grad school.

But for now, I'm choosing the world of denial. One that's very small and not very stable, but Firefly will keep me company.

So, in other news, Wax Sarah Michelle Gellar, from Madame Toussaud's, taken during my Las Vegas trip:

I'm tempted to post the one of my mom standing next to her. Only because it highlights how tiny Sarah Michelle Gellar is. (My mom is of the short asian variety.)

Other fun sights at Madame Tussaud's: Marry George Clooney. They provide you with the wax vicar, wax clooney, and wedding dress. Lack of shame and camera not included, <g>.  Also, if you touch wax J.lo's ass, her cheeks will light up. (Not those ones, dirty minded people. She actually blushes...)


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