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Yeah, I'm up, it's late, and I really should be sleeping. But I'm being entirely unproductive, playing on a laptop that I'm strongly considering buying.

It's so pretty. It's a widescreen, 512 MB ram, 1.5 GHz Toshiba M35-S320 with a 60 GB hard drive. I guess the guy (from my dorm) got it for about 1500 a year ago, but he's selling it for $800. Which is a pretty good deal as it's barely been used. I could tell when he kept trying to Alt/Ctrl Q programs while he was showing it to me. His mom had insisted on him getting it, but he ended up being seduced by an Apple Powerbook. One of the few downsides is that the graphics card is only 32 mb, but sadly enough, I think it's still better than my desktop's graphic card.

And the mobility is a plus since typewritten things are required for all my classes. Since I'm down at Rick's Cafe a lot (especially when my roommate and her boyfriend are around) I can get a lot more done. I'm also moving off campus next year, so some access to on campus amenities would be nice. ::cough::downloading::cough::

Okay, maybe I'm shamelessly materialistic, maybe I'm not. That's not the point. The point is that this laptop deserves a nice home, and who am I to argue?
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::pets pretty computer:: My dad bought a brand new shiny computer just in time for Spring Break. After a tiny rough start with the internet
and installation issues, everything's okay and I'm now enjoying the 19 inch flat screen, 1 GB of memory, and the fancy new video card. So, I'm planning to spend part of spring break glued to the computer (Outdoors, what?) with the Sims 2 and the ever new crack-filled anime series that [livejournal.com profile] hecatehatesthat recced/uploaded called Princess Tutu.

I've tried explaining it to some of my friends and they stare at me as if I'm crazy (which I am, but for other reasons) It involves a
ballet, school, a amnesiatic prince with no heart or ability to feel, and a girl (Ahiru) who's also a duck. Her secret power is the ability
to turn into Princess Tutu and dance with/against those who harbor pieces of the Prince's heart. She's in love with him and would just
like to see him smile. It makes more sense when you realize that it sort of a storyteller's world coming alive (because of his death) with
all his stories intermingling. Somehow he's trying to manipulate things to make everything right again. It's really sweet, with Ahiru and her
insecurities. (Is she really a girl or is she just a duck who's temporarily a girl?)

And so that's my new thing.

Other things to look forward to: Road trip! A friend and I have decided to just go somewhere. There's no actual plan, just the idea of heading south: Oregon, California possibly. Camping, sleeping in motels, etc... It should be quite fun. I've never been on a road trip before.

ETA: Bah, LJ...
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Wow, it's been a while. I just noticed I haven't updated since December 6th. That's insane.

I've been keeping busy. I'm taking two English classes (The Elizabethan Age and Women and the Literary Image) and a Women Studies class (Lesbian Lives and Culture), which means tons of reading. And I still have my part time job (of which I got promoted to Student Coordinator). And then I added running a student cafe.

It's called Rick's Cafe. It's an awesome little place done in the style of Casablanca (serving ice cream and cold drinks) in my dorm. It's pretty neat. My friend and I manage it. It's only open in the evenings, but there's still effort involved. Coordinating volunteers (nonprofit, completely volunteer driven, including us) ordering food, supervising, etc...

Can't really complain though. Rick's is awesome (and we have the coolest volunteers) and my classes are interesting. The Lesbian lives class has so much reading (we just finished a course packet nearly an inch thick) but it's all about lesbians, which keeps the interest level steady. Though I have to say that it gets complicated too, especially with lesbian identity concepts and such. We're now doing 50 minute presentations to finish off the class. I'm doing mine on Lesbian portrayals in in Mainstream U.S. film. (I'm sad though that someone else got to Lesbians on TV before me) I have 14 books on the subject sitting beside my desk. I'm sure my roommate is quite freaked out.

Though tragically, all this business is keeping me away from the important priorities: TV shows. I watch the essentials (Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls) and download the rest (Scrubs, O.C. Joan of Arcadia, American Idol) but this means I can't get to the other stuff, like DVDs. I still haven't watched Buffy S7, or gotten any Angel DVDs. And there's my Wonderfalls DVD collection, which is woefully lacking with 0 DVDs. And I still haven't gotten to any of the ROTK commentaries. Nobody understands my pain ::melodramatic sigh:: (probably because it's imaginary, but still...)
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Note to self: Don't develop crushes until *after* finals, not before. Or at the very least remain in denial until said testing period is over.

Also: guys are strange creatures. They make little sense.
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Omg. So apparently, my former high school (the wonderfully classy Spanaway Lake High) could possibly have been a victim of one of those school shooting type plots:

Three teens held in alleged plot at school

3 Spanaway Students Arrested In Alleged Bomb Plot

More random articles....

Though I'm amused by the random details about my school, like "In the halls of the spacious single-level school yesterday" which is a weird thing to note as we actually have *two* levels. I think that's probably the only complement they could have made, unless the they wanted to describe the lovely teal/silver cement walls or weirdly bumpy patterned linoleumish floor.

And then there's always the usual kids with their priorities: "I really think they should have called off school. And it would be good if they called it off tomorrow, too." This statement is actually a great example of the typical priorities at my school, I think, as this is the school that called an impromptu assembly from class (wasting 20 minutes of a 55 minute period) to announce that the wrestlers made state. And that was it.
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So astronomy and I are no longer an item. I mean, I thought it would work, but there are just some differences we can't overcome. I guess I realize that it'll never stop sleeping with physics.

Other than Astr 190, this quarter is going well. Busy, a bit. Tired, also, because my sleeping habits haven't gotten that much better. (Who said age=wisdom? I sure didn't.) Like instead of deciding what classes to register for last night (for 6AM registration, blech) I watched Angel. So easy to get sucked in. A friend had the Pylea arc on her computer (something I had missed). Watching the dance of Numfar led to most of the Pylea Arc. Seeing Groosalug's freaky eyes led to looking at Illyria's also freaky eyes. Which led to the finale. (::sniff::) And then back in my room, all the Fred/Illyria focus led to A Hole the World/Shells. Man, I certainly know how to make a night even sadder.
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I'm so up on Veronica Mars. I have to say I'm hooked. I'm even starting to ship (::cough::Veronica/Logan::cough:: What can I say? Antagonistic relationships are hot...)

Apparently, there's this local (Seattle) shindig this Saturday where the entire cast of Veronica Mars is showing up for autographs, free stuff, and "something mysterious." Wee.

Yes, I'm starting the fannish gigs early. I'm actually really excited. Though I'm using the difficult route. I already said I'd be going home this weekend, which means instead of going to Seattle from Seattle, I'm going home, coming back up for a few hours on Saturday, going back home for the rest of the weekend, then going back up to school. I never do things the easy way.

I hope it's fun. Or if the event sucks, at least I can shop...

Also, this Monday (Nov 8) is my birthday. Yay! The big 20. Or to quote someone: "halfway to 40." Scary.
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You know, despite a paper due today at 5pm and a test tomorrow that needs studying for, I have somehow managed to find the time to watch 2 episodes of Veronica Mars. I so win.

And I realize that I've been sucked into a new show. Evil quirky shows! (Sign of lack of sleep: I typed the tilde key to end that sentance. But somehow, the tilde key isn't quite as emphatic as the exclamation mark.)

Veronica Mars: Episodes 1 - 3 )

So what I hoped to be a casual TV watching season has now turned into madness: Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, Veronica Mars, The O.C., and Joan of Arcadia. Throw in a bit of The Daily Show, which I try to catch occasionally, and we have TV fun. Ah, How I miss the simple days of only needing to watch Buffy...


Oct. 18th, 2004 05:52 pm
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I got in to the English major! I'm very pleased. I was a little worried because I started later than I would like getting the requirements finished (and I didn't actually take as many English classes as I should have, stupid sexy nonEnglish classes). But I made it and am about to be an official English Major. *Whew* Now I can get that "You are majorless! Academic hold taken off of my file.
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So I'm back at school and already this is turning out to be an interesting quarter. Different. In my Pyschobiology of Women discussion section we just had the most unheated debate on Female circumcision ever. And not even on the expected side. Nearly every person who talked seemed to come out for the practice, taking the "cultural relativist" POV saying things like "it's their culture," "it's beautiful to their people" "it's like dying your hair, getting piercings" etc.... (Someone even said "it was like getting baptized.") No one would really come out against it, or seemed to feel strongly about it. And this was a class of mostly women. So odd.

In other news, I've just lost my roommate. Tragedy, yes. She was a tricky sort, totally confusing me by moving in but not actually living here. I mean, she did for a random day or two to keep up appearances, it seems, but then she couldn't take the pressure of her life of subturfuge. She cracked today, snuck in during the two and a half hour period when I went to get lunch, and then *BAM* I come back to discover all her stuff gone. Pretty sneaky, sis.

Now I just have to hope that the UW will forget my room exists and not assign me a new roommate. I would really love a super single.
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Yeah, I'm *actually* updating. I didn't think it was possible anymore. I haven't abandoned my LJ or anything. I'd blame it on the always quiet summer, but I've noticed that I've averaged about 1 post for every 2 months this past year. Oops.

I'd meant to update about the LOTR Howard Shore Concert I went to in July, which was memorable enough on it's own, but became even more so after the concert ended when I ended up being harrassed by this creepy guy who wouldn't leave me alone. Fun. But I started repressing, and time passed, so it never happened. I'll probably post about it later.

The reason I'm updating now, is to announce the fact that I got my driver's license!. Okay, so yeah, I'm 19. Just got it. It didn't actually take me that long to work on getting the license, just one spring and two summers, including this one, but when you put a year between each, it kind of stacks up.

Let me preface this by saying: I don't like to drive. At all. It's like Math to me. I can do it, but I'd like to avoid it. Despite this my mom has been focused on the idea that a license is the most important thing in the world. Nearly everyday, I'd be forced to go out and drive around. I think my mom was under the impression that if I skipped even one day, everything I know about cars would be forgotten and I'd have to start all over.

See, I just have a bad history with the DoL, which has led me to taking the driving test 4 times, failing 3 times, and trying (and failing) to just take the driving test 2 times. This has given me the hint that someone out there just doesn't want me to drive. (the feeling is mutual) But I've shown them by actually passing the drive test. Take that, bitch. 4th time's the charm.

The annoying part is, I'm a fine driver. I'm cautious. I follow the speed limit (often to the annoyance of other drivers). I try not to hit pedestrians, etc... But put me in the car with the instructor and *bam* I become a nervous wreck (though thank the gods not literally).

Attempts: 1,2,3: Strikes. 4,5: Never made it to bat. 6: Score! )

Sky go boom

Jun. 3rd, 2004 04:25 am
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I wonder if a meteor striking not too far is a good enough excuse as to why you don't have a paper done.

I swear, as I just got on my computer to start typing things up, I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye then turned to the window to see the entire sky light up (like day) for a few seconds before going out.

And now I'm still up, still not done with my paper as I've been distracted for the past hour trying to figure out exactly what happened. (Munition plant explosion, nuclear reactor thingy that is apparently RIGHT BELOW MY DORM BUILDING) until I discovered it was a meteor.

I can still feel the adrenalin.
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::is not dead::


Dec. 17th, 2003 03:14 am
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This was such an amazing experience. I'm writing this right after, because I will be so out of it tomorrow. I got three tickets and so I invited some internet folk along.

Kat (who drove me there) and I arrived at the theater at 5:30 AM. Crazyiness. But still, there were at least 40 people ahead of us (some, I hear, who had been camping out since Saturday) though it swelled to 100 as soon as more people joined their "groups." Geeks were abundant. When some guy looking for tickets had a sign that said something like, "Gimli values tickets more than Mithral." One girl responded, "no wonder he hasn't gotten any yet. He spelled Mithril wrong."

At like 5:50 AM, some lady walked up to us, asking what were we doing. I thought she was someone I knew, so I was all friendlylike, but she ended up being someone from KOMO 1000 (a local radio station) who wanted to interview us. We talked about why we were there, how we just had an umbrella compared to the people ahead of use with tents, chairs, and tarps to to use. I didn't get to hear exactly what they aired but my dad did, and apparently they aired some of what we said, and were like, [way paraphrased] "everyone's out here for LOTR that doesn't even start until midnight (to make it more dramatic I guess, even though we gave them the real time). Everybody's out here with their tents and chairs, except for Kat and Kim who weren't that prepared."

Surprisingly, the theater was way organized and nice. I had been little apprehensive. But they had someone come out and announce the movie times to people in the line. They had passes that had our seat number on it so we didn't have to worry about keeping a seat saved. They let us bring in food from outside. They sold hot dogs and nachos for 1 dollar, and gave free refills on popcorn and soda. And then in between TTT and ROTK, they gave us free pizza.

The movies themselves were great, as usual. I hadn't seen the TTT extended yet, so that was a surprise. Our audience was really clap happy. When so-and-so showed up, they clapped. First Borimir, then Legolas. When Gimli appeared, people gave a sort of sarcastic applause because I guess Gimli is not hot enough to earn his own. Even when Shadowfax came out all dramatic like in TTT, people applauded.

I'm amused with some of the things you pick up from watching it a bunch of times. Especially with a big screen. Like during TTT, when the elves surprised everybody by marching to Helm's Deep. When they entered the main doors, startling whoever was there, there was this guy in the background who seemed like, "I figure my motivation is: woah."

I've mentioned my Tree fear before, about how the Ents weren't so bad and I was glad that Peter Jackson didn't include the huorns. Well he did. Ack. Freaked me out. They weren't like the ents, which I could deal with, but were shown as mass of migrating trees. ::shudders::

Finally, ROTK: So Wonderful )

I really need to see it again. There are so many little things I missed/want to see again.

And the gifts that newline gave us are neat. I expected something cheap, when I had heard about it, but this was very nice. It was 3 frame shots from a movie reel put in a little display thing. I got Frodo for FOTR, Helm's Deep retreat for TTT, and Gandalf for ROTK.
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Been sort of busy. I try to work and keep up with school. (apparently, I hear, that's the reason I'm up here)

I'm done with finals. Thank God. They call this week Finals week, though for me, it was Finals two days, because after classes had ended on Wednesday, I was seen fit to be assigned two finals on Friday (One 8:30, ew, and one later) and then another on Saturday. 8:30 AM. -.- This is what Math and Foreign Languages classes do. I look forward to next quarter when this repeats.

But all this meant that I was finished so much sooner. I had actually intended on sleeping this weekend. But all I ended up doing was playing Capture the Flag til 1 AM on Saturday then hanging out until 4AM, whereby someone got the brilliant idea to watch a movie in my room. Mostly, my roommate and I had every intention of sleeping, and the others tried to watch, but they fell asleep.

And then Tomorrow is Trilogy Tuesday. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Sleep was a new and revolutionary plan for tonight. I doubt it will actually happen. I've just gotten roped into playing soccer at 9:30 PM (dark and cold, the best way to play) and I have to get up at 4:30AM. I'm crazy, obviously, as the movie starts at 1PM and they don't even open the theater until 11AM, but I'll accept this title. I'm resigned to it. I still think there will be a ton of people there already.

Oh, and my next update, I plan on explaining this new and geekish game I play a lot. One that I HPified and Buffyfied. (but not at the same time, because that is a crossover I really don't want to explore.)

Also: ::adds The O.C. to new things to adore. Damn you Fox.::

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I brilliantly decided to watch The Ring. By myself. Late at night.

I employed the genius method of closing my eyes most of the way during the real freaky parts. (Like the dead faces. And that last scene with Samara coming out of the screen? Eyes closed all the way.) Also, to counteract the evil of The Ring, I turned on the TV to Howard Stern's Radio show. I was torn between being creeped out and skeeved out. Helpful mix. Though after that ended, I had to change it to Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

I'm still a little freaked, but not as much as I could be. lalalala.
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I have decided to seek enlightenment in the Bible:

As it is said in John 9:23 - Therefore his parents said, "He is of age; ask him."

Acts 19:7 - Now the men were about 12 in all.

This is especially relevant: Hebrews 5:10 - Called by God as high Priest "according to the order of Melchizedek."

You should now enlighten someone else with these quotes. Make you sure you include the furrowed brow of Wisdom.


Oct. 11th, 2003 08:59 pm
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I got LOTR Trilogy tickets!!!

3 missed classes. I was on a computer from 9 - 2:50 pm trying fruitlessly to get the site to even load, or trying to get one of the transactions to complete. (I opened like 10 at a time, wanting one to work, but hoping that they all wouldn't work at once and leave me with 30 tickets at 30 dollars each)

But one of the dozens of transactions I had made when through. It didn't take me to a confirmation page or send me any email, so I didn't know. But when I checked my online bank statement for some unrelated reason, I found a charge from AMC Cinerama.

I went down there today, they checked my card, and *bam* 3 tickets to the sold out marathon.


Fuck you

Oct. 9th, 2003 10:28 am
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Stupid movietickets.com has yet to release the Trilogy tickets. I've been sitting here since 9 somemthing obsessively checking the website. Nothing has happened. Ergo, they suck.

10 AM does not mean some time after 10.

You know, I'm starting to think this is a conspiracy on their part to test the load on their servers. It's like yeah, I want to see how well our site does under lots of traffic. I know, let's sic the obsessive LOTR people on it.

Nothing is happening. I skipped class for this...
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