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So our Pub Crawl was very crawl-y. Basically it was an excuse for the class to get together, visit historical pubs, and get drunk. Some people were successful. The fratboy radar of somehow safely stumbling home rings true, even when in a foreign city. It's like magic.

Things I've learned:
    -Beer/Ale = meh
    -Westminster Abbey is gorgeous
    -If you're gonna have sex in a bar's bathroom, try being a little less obvious. Like maybe waiting longer than 10 seconds before following your partner in. And not staying with said partner in there for over half an hour. (Though everyone outside the bathroom was very impressed at the implied stamina. And lighting a cigarette afterwords, well they should have just bowed as they left bathroom together.)
Also, I've received my first proposal of marriage. It was outside the local tube station. The guy was all like, 'Excuse me, what time is it' I responded that it was near midnight, then he asked, 'Will you marry me?' Of course, I was flattered, but unfortunately, my dad would like me to learn a guy's name before I say yes, so it wasn't meant to be.

I actually responded that I was taken (to cut the conversation short, as I had to get home) which after asking me my sign (which, call me an old fashioned gal, should happen before the proposal) he ended telling me, 'He's a very lucky man' which changed to 'She's a very lucky woman' when he saw my roommate coming out of the station. Aw, at least he was progressive.

Next destinations on the agenda:
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