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Okay, I'm back.

Ack, brain hurty. Need sleep. Serenity showing! ADAM BALDWIN! I shook his hand twice. He signed autographs. My friend (Kass) had her Archeology book with her, so she had him sign that. He was like, "Uh.. will your teacher be okay with this?" And then signed it, "To Kass: Stay in School!"

During the waiting in line part, they had a guy taping stuff (for what I assume are for DVDs). He kept doing these low sweeps (with the camera close to the ground). With the way I was sitting up, I think he panned my butt. Hm.. We're going to hope they cut any clips down a lot (which they probably will). There were lots of geeks waiting. A few costumes, a lot of them were good. SO many geeks. The guy in front of me in the theater was talking about making LJ phone posts. One guy beside me wrote for RPG books/manuals. There was one random guy offering to pay 150 for someone's ticket.

Man, if only I could have gone to all the showings. Joss went! Nathan Fillion! Adam Baldwin was really nice. Though he kept reminding me of Hamilton.

I won't go into details about the actual movie, but let me just quote this from Joss' introduction to the movie: (paraphrased) "We couldn't have done this without you. But that means, if it sucks, it's all because of you."

But it didn't suck. It was awesome.

And now I'm going to sleep.
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