Apr. 26th, 2006

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Dammit, why can't I get hit on by cute college aged guys?  Why does it always have to be skeevy random people off the street?

I was walking down a local avenue and out of the corner of my eye, I see this car pass by with someone staring at me and then a honk. I think, Hey, maybe that was someone I knew. Oh well. Then the car pulled off to the side of the road (though not very close to me) and honked again.

I stood there for a moment, thinking, what the hell? No one else was around, the car was still running, as if expecting me to run over. I tenatively approached it, thinking it must have been someone I knew. As I got closer, I see it's this older guy with his head turned back staring at me, smiling (in kind of a "hey baby" way) and waving at me to come over.  And I'm just thinking "I have no idea who the hell you are and so I will be walking away." He then honked again until he realized I was not going back, and left.

What the hell? And this isn't the first time something like this has happened... This is actually like the 4th memorable time (3rd in the past few months) that some slightly skeevy guy has gone out of his way to hit on me in some random manner.

#3 - This wasn't that weird. Just skeevy. Happened while I was waiting for the bus.  He kept making small talk, asking questions. I tried not to engage him, but my headphones were obscured and the book I was actively reading not obvious enough. I was perfectly polite, giving short noncommital answers, until he was like "Would you like to go out to dinner?" I replied, "Man, this bus needs to hurry up" (because I actually didn't hear him...) and he asked again. I thus responded: "uh, sorry.." (Quite the wordsmith, am I) then drifted subtley away... He was probably about 30 years older than me, and he knew I was in college, so I was a little creeped out.

#2 At an interesection, a guy (with a green light) stopped, rolled down his window, and said in what sounded like the most stereotypically "gay" voice ever, "Oh my god, you are so beautiful. Can I give you my number?" I was flattered, but I also didn't know what to say.

#1 - I think I posted about this long ago, but let's just say this guy followed me for about 5 blocks (even waited as I walked into a store trying to lose him) trying to give me his number, all the while ignoring my direct "sorry, not interested" remarks, and saying that I shouldn't call the police or anything like that. He actually stayed with me until my bus came, which was not a fun 5 minutes.

Man, I don't get hit on a lot, but when I do, it's always in some really random fashion. And I'm always really creeped out by the manner in which it occurs. I really don't get it though. Is stopping random women on the side of the road really conducive to getting her number? Do girls find it flattering and worth pursuing?


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