Aug. 28th, 2005


Aug. 28th, 2005 10:48 pm
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 Owwww... Okay,  now I remember why I don't fall a lot. It fricken hurts. I decided to meet the ground last night. It was a very painful meeting, though my hands took the brunt of it. Now my right hand is out of the question. Thankfully nothing's broken. I just bruised/sprained my knuckle area, which I discovered is quite vital to the entire hand, as now I can't grasp anything, or move fingers much side to side. (I'm typing one handed now). I got a splint put on it, so I can't really move anything at all. This is gonna make work so much fun as I can't carry much, make drinks, cashier, serve food, stock, take things out of the oven... Heh, I think I'll just order people around.

Anyway, update of random things.

First of all, I am officially an aunt. My brother's child was just born (a month early). His name is Jaden, which is very distracting as that's the name of David Boreanaz's child. That was actually my first thought upon hearing the name and the context of which I continue to think about the kid.

It's also very weird as it's hard to imagine my older brothers breeding (they're 24). He's now buying a house with his girlfriend. It's like they've matured or something. Aw, my older brothers have grown up.

In other news, I've arrived back from NYC (okay, it's been a while, but then I haven't updated in a while either.) Very entertaining. I met [ profile] glendaglamazon, walked around NYC, watched a ton of Nsync footage (I refuse to say how many discs we saw). Can't say much else more than [ profile] addictedkitten did, except to confirm that Lance is a cool motherfucker and JC is a freak. After which, I visited Kass in Battleground, Wa and baffled her mightily with talk of crazy boybands. But I'm better now (or so I tell myself).


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